best things in life

  • Longest ever wait in line? 45 minutes "on-hold" waiting to speak with Telstra customer service rep.
  • Best things in life are free?" depends on definition of "best"--definitions vary from person to person--and on definition of "free" (which could mean "at no charge" in the monetary sense, or it could mean free of any and all encumbrances, monetary, emotional and/or otherwise. And not forgetting that definitions of "free" vary from person to person).
    For some people, at some times, some things are free, and some of those free things are the best.
  • The day I attended an interview to test my suitablility for being admitted to university as an undergraduate student of architecture. My grades were more than good enough to qualify me for admittance. If only, during the panel interview, I had not answered "for the money" in response to the question "why do you want to be an archtect?". As it turned out I was refused admittance and went on to do a Bachelor of Arts degree. But to this day, some 35 very odd years later, I believe that some kind of dysfunctional karmic breakdown occured. I would have been a great architect, one of the greatest ever. It's amazing how one flippant remark can screw up a person's destiny.

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