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one more uncertainty principle for the road
The more time you waste, the less energetic you are. The more energy you have, the less time it takes you to do stuff.

yet another uncertainty principle
The more you know about who you are, the less you know about what you're doing (and vice versa)

another uncertainty principle
The more you know about where you’re going, the less you know about where you are (and vice versa).

The acid reflux in my chest burns like the very fires of hell. No more beer for you young man!

Timothy Fartsucker was at a loss for words, which was hardly surprising given his ontology (pet rock).

music, maestro
Music is a mood mirror and an emotion engine.

another way of nothingness
Nothing matters is another way of saying everything matters equally.

absolutely relative, relatively absolute
Nothing matters. And absolute nothing-matters-ness absolutely doesn't matter. (Apologies to Lord Acton)

a fist in the face
Say my purpose is to avoid being punched in the face. It's not wrong or bad if I go around punching people in the face. But it sure as hell will not serve my purpose because sooner or later one of those people is gonna punch me right back in the face.

a length of Planck
How small is small? How big is big? How long is the longest Planck? All qualities (qualia, if you must) are relative.

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