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who do voodoo
When Jasmine smashed Baron Samedi's tombstone amid all canistered pantaloons, declamatory elaboration notwithstanding, ze also received all manner of garish assurances to the contrary

nothing isn't everything
Nothing is the smallest thing. Everything is the biggest thing.

teeny weeny mega maxi
The smallest thing is nothing. The biggest thing is everything.

towering babble
Language is an agreement among language users about what particular correspondence to choose from an infinity of correspondences between an infinity of meanings and an infinity of meaning-signifiers.

hardwear for life
Life is not a statically reductionist outcome. Life is a dynamically emergent process. But what is the substrate?

the warning is the danger
If you get a message saying "Pass this message on to all your friends" whatever you do, don't pass the message on. And, please pass this message on to all your friends.

Connections are everywhere including within themselves.

can't step into the same mind twice
Having a mind includes the prerogative to change it.

choosing fear
Suffering is a choice born of pain; fear is a choice born of egotism.

immortal enemies
Fear and hate are enemies of peace and love.

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