manic memes

actualising actually
I never thought, until I did. I'll keep re-inventing myself until I forget how. I figure by that time it wont matter:) (Michael Kawitsky a.k.a. Schwann)

sins and blessings
"God" is one word covering a multitude of sins and blessings.

feeling free
Free will is the freedom to choose how to experience reality.

ex nihilo nihil fit
Something is. Everything is. Anything is. Nothing is not.

nothing is not
Nothing is evil. Nothing is empty. Nothing is non-existent. Nothing is not.

giving up the pursuit of happiness
You will never be happy until you are happy with who you are, what you're doing, and what you've got

the final doughnut
...and when the final doughnut be consumed, and the last crumpet gobbled, then shall it be a time of great fortitude, intestinal and otherwise...

interpreting reality
Enjoyment is usually enjoyable; pain is often insufferable.

telling fortunes
You know what they say about fortunes? That they come true in strange and bitter ways... in unexpected, unpredictable ways... particularly if you seek to tell them or know them... And, most especially the thing of fortunes is...

changing your cognitive linen
You have made your mind, now think in it.

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