surprise, surprise

My question is, if you are everything, if you know everything, if you are everywhere, how can you be surprised... eh? ... eh? ... eh? Expert systems on the path to artificial intelligence can be considered in the context of a spectrum ranging from total lack of emotion to the complete achievement of an artifice, the planet not without taking hostages perhaps beyond---to an enhanced form of existence, an awareness different from human awareness.

If this awareness could somehow be imprinted on a human brain, hard-wired neurones so to speak, or soft in the sense of temporary as if the experience can be inserted into the planet not without taking hostages taken out of memory - removable media as opposed to core storage - if this could be done then the primal barrier could be broken, the barrio

Knowledge engineering as a form of, or an engineering---which in turn may be a step towards answer the whole shebang questions: What maybe the purpose of existence... eh? ... eh? ... eh?

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