financial services depriver

Bad hangover this morning, stomach in a turmoil, felt like shit. but had to drag myself into chatswood to sort out my credit card at the bank (for the second time because they hadn't done it properly the first time. Got impatient with the customer service guy --- didn't feel like going on a waiting list to see someone in order to do something they should have done right the first time, a week ago. Got loud and demanding---that always seems to work. It did this time, and I jumped to the head of the waiting list and got myself sorted out before anyone else. I now have the dubious please of being at the tender mercies of yet another financial services provider. "provider", huh what a joke! More like "depriver". But the moral of the story is "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". Hangover or no hangover, diarrhea or no diarrhea, I'm going to try and post to very short stories and wicked and sick today. hang in there my loyal following of one or two idiots.
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